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загруженное (7)   "Caspiy Ak Jhelken" LLP has the honor to offer you a full complex of services related to the transportation of cargo by river and marine transport.

   The area of our work is presented by the following regions: the Black Sea, the Sea of Azov, the Baltic Sea, the Caspian Sea and inland waterways of the Russian Federation .

    "Caspiy Ak Jhelken" LLP provides the transportation of oversized equipment and cargo by waterways as well as all complex of services connected with performance of these works:


  • Transportation of oversized cargo
  • Tugs, Barges and support vessels
  • Complete agency and technical services
  • Technical management, fleet chartering
  • Fleet staff management
  • Preparation of project documentation
  • Towing of cargo, including special equipment
  • Insurance of towing equipment
  • Tonnage and crew chartering
  • Organization of tonnage transit through inland waterways of Russia
  • Coordination of documentation with regulatory organizations
  • Chartering of accommodation vessels
  • Supervision  and Technical Management services of  heavy lift barges


      The Company has its own branches carrying out:

  • Technical management (Astrakhan port);
  • Agent’s services at the ports of Astrakhan, Aktau, Bautino and Kuryk.

     At present the Company’s fleet consists of more than 40 units of fleet (tows, barges and ice breakers) which if necessary can be delivered to a port in due time, in quantity and according to the customer’s needs.

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